Industry Know-How

The field of Construction becomes more and more complex.

We help you to keep your processes simple.
Stricter legal requirements, new materials, changing job descriptions and the increasing mechanization of construction pose numerous challenges for the construction and related trades.
Since 2011, the expert survey "Building the Future" has summarized the most important future questions of the construction and construction industry.

The central theme for years has been maintaining quality along the entire value chain.

We are here to help you

Our construction solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV from MEGABAU has been on the market since 1999 and offers a perfect interplay of all industry-specific business processes in a platform, with a user interface and a database. All current standards and association guidelines in the D-A-CH area are comprehensively supported - for your maximum success.

What you get

Central administration
From costing and purchasing to warehousing and production to service or financial accounting - all your needs are covered centrally. In our solution, all building management and business processes are bundled in a single database.

Your advantages?
You avoid data duplication, incorrect entries and organize your daily business and projects centrally. Everything that happens at the construction site is automatically displayed in the warehouse or in the accounting department - your processes become transparent and secure.

Everything in view at all times
Never again be surprised by delivery delays or staff outages!
At the touch of a button you have the status quo of the construction project on the screen. Everytime and everywhere.

Our offer is based on the thousandfold proven enterprise software Microsoft Dynamics NAV and is specially tailored to the requirements of the construction and construction related industry:

  • Integrated document management (DMS) system
  • Payroll
  • Device management
  • Subcontractor management including supplier evaluation
  • Mobile access
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence

Optimize your building processes

  • ERP
  • warehousing
  • order processing
  • production
  • logistics
  • maintenance
  • financial management
  • analysis
  • u.v.m.

For details, we advise you at any time!

Austria: ÖNORM B2062, B2063, B2114, A2063, B2061, B2111, Datanorm
Germany: GAEB 90, 2000, 2003 XML, DA11, REB 23.003, Datanorm
Switzerland: SIA-451 / NPK, BKP, SBV BIV, SBV Regie, SBV Analysen, Fröhli Analysen, IGH, Suissetec