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Analysis and reporting for Financial Services Providers

In most financial services companies, the information generated is very comprehensive, complex, distributed and structured differently. We provide provide simple analysis and reporting solutions even for complex requirements.

Do you recognize your business?

  • Short-term questions can only be answered with a delay.
  • There is uncertainty as to whether key figures, data and reports are valid.
  • Employees of the corporate management are mainly occupied with information processing.
  • They use a grown IT system landscape with different data structures.
  • Numerous and complex Excel sheets serve as reports or even as a "source system".

Take advantage of all the data you have at your disposal.

  • Create simple reports and analyzes - despite complex data from different source systems.
  • Clear and valid (characteristic) figures for decisions are prepared in a structured manner.
  • Identify causes and relationships.
  • Large and ever-increasing data volumes process and analyse in real-time.
  • Uncomplicated to integrate into your existing IT landscape.

For whom is Analysis & Reporting (Business Intelligence) ideal?

  • Retail & Private Banking
  • Investment companies
  • Leasing & factoring companies
  • Insurance
  • Building societies

    Easy analysis for complex data structures.

    Combine internal and external data, customer and contract data, financial and performance metrics, customer feedback, geo information, market statistics, cloud data and more.

    We will help you to get answers.

    • Which of your products are above or below the performance of your competitors?
    • What is the return on equity taking into account all allocable costs and full costs?
    • How often turns the investor portfolio?
    • How many transactions do a customer perform (by group, region, product, etc.)?
    • What are the margins per sales channel compared to the sales expenditures?
    • Where do most of the valuation allowances come from?
    • Is our offer precisely tailored to our target customers?

    Winners: you and your company.

    With our solutions, you can easily visualize data about portfolios, transactions, premiums, revenues and customer satisfaction at a central location. Identify trends in the shortest time and act faster than your competitors. Decision-makers are constantly informed about the opportunities and risks and have important key figures for the entire company.

    • Tailor products to your target customers better and faster.
    • Impact and profitability of your product and price strategy.
    • Customer satisfaction and new business opportunities.
    • Take risks and make the right decisions.
    • Ensure compliance with compliance rules.
    • Investment in your data infrastructure.

    Facts & Features

    With our technologies and business intelligence solutions you get:

    • Comprehensive presentations and role-based editing of dashboards, reports and content
    • Simple operation for all users in the company
    • Quickly noticeable effects - first evaluations after a short time
    • Mobile availability via browser or apps
    • Automatically distributes reports to selected recipients
    • High performance ("In Memory" technologies)

      What matters for customers is the result! And this is our specialisation. See for yourself which customers we successfully cosset.