The industry solution for your factoring processes


NC Factoring is the completely integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV industry solution for factoring businesses. NC Factoring depicts all factoring types and enables an efficient, transparent and secure data processing.

Depict all factoring contract types:

  • Standard Factoring
  • Individual Factoring
  • Silent Factoring
  • Recourse Factoring
  • Accounts receivable management
Logo Certified for Dynamics NAV

Logo Certified for Dynamics NAV

Document Management in Archieves

Import accounts receivables & invoices

All at a glance

Integrated Validity Check

Automated processing of payment receipts

Limit administration with approval workflow

Automated purchase proposals

Complete integration in accounting

Accounting and advances

Support of the sales process

Dynamic accounting of fees

Comprehensive reporting

Booking Logic in Real Time

Depiction of your factoring contract types

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