For fast and uncomplicated
leasing and loan processes
For fast and uncomplicated

HENRI for Leasing and Loan

HENRI is much more than an ERP system for financial service providers. Seamlessly, the solution leads through all the processes of the working day of a leasing company. Intuitive and user friendly.

Our know-how in the leasing and loan industry

Our know-how in the leasing and loan industry

In all the years of doing business with leasing and loan companies, we always talked about these topics when it comes to software for leasing and loan:

  • confirmability
  • data purity
  • quality reliability
  • flexibility
  • auditability
Logo Certified for Dynamics NAV

Logo Certified for Dynamics NAV

Therefore we developed HENRI

Take a look at our video from HENRI (former NC Leasing) and learn how fast and easy your daily business can be simlplyfied!

Business Proccesses

Always stay connected to the web portal! This way, you can access current data for calculation and making an offer directly at the POS

HENRI offers a fully integrated, universally usable web portal to assist you at the point of sale at retailers, manufacturers, agents and banks.

This portal is directly connected to HENRIs database online, without needing any additional unnecessary interfaces.

The portal was created based on HTML 5 technology, and can be accessed via common browsers. It meets current requirements by being available on different platforms and devices (e.g. tablets or smartphones).

Further functions are:

  • Calculation of different financing products and costing variants (incl. a clearly arranged comparison)
  • Individual offers for every partner / agent are possible
  • Individual branding (logo, colors, etc.) for different partners
  • Searching for businesses and people via a fully integrated web service to common credit bureaus
  • Additional services are easy to offer (insurances, maintenance contracts, etc.), one-time or recurring, including automatic booking and assignment
  • Documents (packages for printing, offers, SEPA mandate, etc.) are available at POS
  • Download area for documents (e.g. templates for confirmation of acquisition, etc.)
  • Deposit of collaterals and clauses
  • Internal messaging system with attachments between POS and leasing – backoffice
  • Overview of the partner's stock
  • Calculation of surrender value

Offers are processed in real time

Due to complete integration between POS and core processes, partners' offers are available for checks on creditworthiness and approval in real time. These processes can be controlled in the workflow and can be deposited with an authorization matrix. Depending on the sum of liabilities, rating and other criteria, which are freely selectable, different approval processes are triggered.

HENRI uses an integration with Microsoft Visio, and all workflows can be designed easily and require no previous knowledge of programming of key-users. The finished workflow designs can then (after being approved accordingly) be used in the system.

Further functions are:

  • Full electronic processing of authorization process, independent of location (e.g. for authorization via tablets or smartphones with full access to all information)
  • Freely selectable degree of automation
  • Online connection to customary credit bureaus for checks on creditworthiness
  • Integrated scoring system for private and corporate clients (incl. balance sheet analysis and expenditure accounts)
  • Freely selectable checklists and system-based document tracking

Freely definable workflows and checklists

The financing procedures and drafting of contracts in HENRI (by means of freely definable workflows and checklists) are heavily system-based. HENRI uses an integration with Microsoft Visio, and these processes can also be designed easily and without previous programming knowledge by your company's key-users. The finished workflow designs can then (after being approved accordingly) be used in the system. In this process, all requirements (such as consideration of the dual control principle, revision-security, compliance checks, etc.) are covered. Hence, various conditions and processes for payment (according to model of calculation) can be deposited.

Further functions are:

  • Figures of different calculation models for various product groups and branches (e.g. motor vehicles, movables, IT, industry, etc.)
  • Continuous processes, independent of channel of distribution (input at POS or front-office)
  • Processes are clear and well structured for users within the system
  • Easy creation of document templates with NC Document Builder via Microsoft Word is possible for key-users (no programming knowledge required!)
  • Automatic check of blocking lists is possible (e.g. insolvency list, blacklists, FISA or terror lists)
  • Automatic check of PEP (Politically Exposed Person) is possible.

Workflow designs without programming knowledge

Just as in other areas, all main functions are deposited with workflows in contract administration and receivables management. Again, the processes can be designed easily by your key-users with the help of Microsoft Visio integration, and no previous programming knowledge is required. The finished workflow designs can then (after being authorized accordingly) be used in the system. Open tasks, follow-ups and contracts are structured according to status and displayed in “stacks” on the dashboard. This makes them clear and comprehensible for your users.

Further functions are:

  • Periodic processes are automatized (repricing, default interest)
  • Workflows for contract conditions and transfer fees are system-based
  • Deposit of responsibilities (by region, agent, partner, field service, etc.)
  • Authorization processes (e.g. for contract changes) can be defined freely by means of workflows and are system-based
  • Automatized checks, triggering of tasks and respective assignment to workers and teams
  • Management of service and complaints: entry, automatized assignment, escalation and tracking of requests incl. status, urgency and category (internal requests, customer inquiries and complaints)
  • Fully integrated accounting of Microsoft Dynamics NAV standards
  • Automatized calculation and booking of accruals (fees, provisions, etc.)
  • Flexibly definable, highly automatized dunning
  • Integration of external service providers into your processes via partner portal (e.g. collection agency, lawyers, estimators, etc.)
  • Configurable content and functions of partner portal (depending on partner, partner-group)
  • Integration of external utilization- or reviews-portals is possible
  • Full support of utilization process with different workflows, depending on leasing object, contract type, agent, etc.

Expanded by the special requirements of the leasing sector

HENRI is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and uses all standard functions of financial and assets accounting, expanded by specific requirements of the leasing sector. The fully integrated system enables a direct connection between the operative processes and bookings. For example, the activation of a leasing object in assets accounting happens automatically when activating the contract. In addition, all transactions in operative processes are automatically booked in financial accounting (e.g. prescriptions, transfer fees, charges, insurance cases, terminations, completions, etc). Alternatively, these bookings can be done collectively via batch-run, for example at night.

Another aspect of full integration is the authorized users' (e.g. accounting, controlling, management) option to navigate from balance sheet- and profit and loss items to the underlying items and from there directly to specific contracts (e.g. for analyzing, difference search, etc.)

Further functions are:

  • Booking and displaying by different accounting rules (HGB, UGB, OR, IFRS)
  • Assets accounting: Illustration of activations, additional purchases, depreciation, decrease and increase in value and sales
  • Bank account administration with multi-currency capability
  • Intercompany-bookings
  • Consolidated view of multiple companies
  • Flexible and easily definable content scheme for displaying and evaluation of accounting plans, budgets, cash flow statements and cost types.
  • Cash-flow planning
  • Possible imports of financial budgets from Microsoft Office Excel
  • Cost accounting: Transfer of costs from financial accounting into cost accounting, booking of internal costs and assignment according to definable assignment rules

NC Payments also cover the SEPA area
  • SEPA transactions for the entire EURO area are covered
  • Integration of SEPA – processes in offer- and contract management
  • SEPA – caused processes are supported
  • Administration of mandates is supported (completeness, clarity and validity of mandates)

Connection to reporting software
  • Optimal and clear data structure as a basis for the provision of data and requirements to reporting
  • Connection to customary reporting software systems is supported

Evaluation and analysis

NAVAX offers a broad spectrum of evaluation- and analysis possibilities for HENRI in the area of controlling, strategic risk management and business intelligence. This includes reports and evaluations of the operative processes, interactive dashboards and analysis, and strategic risk management.

Along with the standard of HENRI, you receive a complete data warehouse, which offers numerous analysis methods for new businesses and portfolios, according to different criteria. This data warehouse is based on Microsoft standard technology (Microsoft SQL) and can be used in Microsoft Office Excel or various other business intelligence platforms (such as QlikView).

Further options are:

  • Evaluation and analysis of operative business and financial data on any level of aggregation
  • User-dependent control of reporting- and analysis content
  • Compliance checks
  • Money laundering checks
  • active – passive – management

Customer management under control

In the areas marketing and distribution, HENRI relies on the CRM standard of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and can be expanded by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The supported processes range from campaign- and event management, lead- and opportunity management, to distribution controlling (incl. forecasts) and pipeline management. All functions are also available on mobile and can be accessed comfortably by users in the field, using either tablet or smartphone.

Further functions are:

  • Easy and flexibly definable dashboards for different groups of users (e.g. field service, indoor service, sales management, management, etc.)
  • Easier fast entry (firms, contacts, visitor reports, etc.)
  • 360 degree view of customers and partners
  • Complete history of activity on customer map or partner map
  • Flexible definition of relations (firms, contacts and partners)
  • Integration of document management systems
  • Evaluation and tracking of campaign reactions
  • Important benchmark data (contracts, agreements, etc) is also available on mobile for distributors
  • Assignment of tasks and dates to specific users or groups of users (e.g. teams)
  • Surveillance of activities and tracking: For example, the management / distribution management can follow specific customers closely and is automatically informed about new activities
  • Automatic, workflow controlled creation of tasks for distribution (e.g. expiration of contract, a customer's birthday, age of leasing asset, etc.)
  • Microsoft Outlook is fully integrated due to using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Microsoft Outlook (other systems can also be integrated)
  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client for Microsoft Outlook enables marketing- and distribution data to be used online and offline.

Who benefits from HENRI?

  • Leasing Companies
  • Banks (consumer loans and property-related financings)
  • Manufacturers of capital goods with its own sales-financing (eg mechanical engineering, plant construction, etc.)
  • IT company with its own financing of business (eg IT systems, computers, telephone systems, copiers and fax machines)

We are part of the following leasing associations:

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Logo Bund Deutscher Leasing Verband

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Logo Schweizer Leasing Verband

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