Microsoft Business Intelligence

Use familiar technology in order to improve your analyses and reporting processes.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

With Microsoft BI (business intelligence), you can gain deeper insights in your business and work in a familiar environment. At the end of the day, business Intelligence is only a profitable feature if it is used by everyone. Make use of Microsoft BI for various tasks such as analyses, reporting, data mining, data warehousing and for BI portals.

Microsoft BI Components

Extentions to Microsoft BI

More success through the right reports and analyses.
    • Notice cross selling potential faster
    • Prioritize right to close more business deals
    • Use marketing budgets more efficiently
    • Notice pipeline-holes early and counteract
    • Analyses of all possible dimensions, up to specific products, sellers, customers, etc.

    Every company has collected an enormous amount of data about their customers. Through analytic CRM, all customer-data and information is gathered, put into meaningful context and analyzed according to selected aspects. These results are the basis of navigation and controlling of sales.

    Fields of application

    • Management reporting and corporation management
    • Controlling and navigation of sales
    • Controlling and navigation of marketing
    • Resource plan and project management

    What matters for customers is the result! And this is our specialisation. See for yourself which customers we successfully cosset.