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Powerful analytics for every dataset of your true. Get all the relevant information from your data that you need for your business decisions.

 Using the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform™ helps companies around the globe to analyze enormous amounts of data and to improve company-wide communication. MicroStrategy Mobile expands this platform with the ability to create mobile applications. MicroStrategy is one of the leading producers of enterprise-software-platforms. The company's aim is to offer the most flexible, efficient, scalable and user-friendly platform for analytics and identity management, on-premise as well as in the cloud.

What's in it for you?

The best business decision are based on data. Global companies integrate business intelligence into their business operations, and make analyses a fixed part of their working processes. MicroStrategy supports a wide spectrum of analysis functions. With this platform, you have the flexibility to start small and slowly and effortlessly build up to a company-wide use.

Data analysis has evolved. Today's user requires an increasingly interactive experience and a solution the responds quickly.

Conventional reporting is still the most common way to share and analyze data in the business world. However, many BI-solutions lack this important function! MicroStrategy has the best enterprise-reporting function worldwide, which safely lets you distribute pixel-accurate, high quality reports to an unlimited number of internal users, partners or customers.

Data can be an unbelievably rich resource for new chances. However, this can only happen if it can be accessed quickly when making decisions. Companies that realize the importance of these short-lived trends, in which analysis cycles are measured in minutes, not hours, can use this information fast and therefore have a clear competitive advantage.

MicroStrategy is the only platform that combines analysis functions and the interactivity of information-based apps with the immediacy of a dashboard in real-time. This way, the decision makers can be sure that quickly changing trends and anomalies can be recorded, analyzed and reacted to.

Business decision are often made during certain situations, such as a board meeting or when talking to a customer. Thanks to the smartphone- and tablet-revolution, you can now access important information in any situation.

Magic Quadrant

Magic Quadrant

For the eighth year in a row, MicroStrategy is positioned as a “Leader” in the annual Gartner Magic Quadrant regarding the business intelligence and analytics space. Read the 2015 report to find out why MicroStrategy continues to be positioned as a Leader.

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