Analysis and evaluations for everyone.

You do not have to be a data expert in order to compile professional analyses and reports. With QlikView, you can quickly create comprehensive analyses in order to make well-founded business decisions. With QlikView, you can connect several data sources, browse, visualize and analyze with just a few clicks so that your business more transparent than ever before.

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Extensions for QlikView

How you can make your reports and analyses even easier to read.

Are you also battling an overwhelming amount of information? Are your dashboards and analyses more and more confusing? Are different reference values, colors and ways of representation a hindrance for seeing the most important aspects? This is why the HICHERT®SUCCESS rules were created.
HighCoordination is a certified software for using HICHERT®SUCCESS with QlikView. NAVAX is one of only three partners in the D-A-CH area and the only partner in Austria!

Why HighCoordination?

  • Comprehensible diagrams and tables:
    Descriptions and legends can be fully integrated into the diagrams and tables. Analysts therefore have an easier time understanding the business case.
  • Single point of information design:
    All design parameters are saved centrally and across the group. This means that the time that would be spent for changing designs can be used for other tasks.
  • Trustworthiness of dashboard products:
    The scaling of key numbers of the same type is ensured by the software. Analysts don't have to look for design-erorrs anymore.
Hichert Folie

On the one hand, highlighting underlines the message, on the other hand, it makes taking in information easier. The image in this example is perfect for displaying changing percentages. For a better understanding, there is another image below that shows the absolute deviation as a bar graph.

Hichert Folie

Waterfall diagrams are a good way to show stringent calculation scenarios. They are easy to follow since there is a visual approach to calculations.

Hichert Folie

Stacked bar diagrams are a good way of analyzing timelines. The title message is highlighted in the images. Through uniform marking in the timeline, the difference between past, current and budget values is visible.

Especially for the sales department

You have never seen your turnover like this before. Take advantage of ready-made analyzes for your sales area! The NAVAX Sales Template for QlikView provides professional evaluations of your sales area in a template. In order to make your decisions based on meaningful and relevant corporate data. You get a better overview of the status quo, potential revenue and enhance your strengths. The template is based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

When implementing, your Microsoft Dynamics NAV/AX database is connected, which will make your data displayed in QlikView. The NAVAX Sales template can be quickly and easily implemented, thereby you are saving time and money. Individualized solutions from Microsoft Dynamics can also be connected by means of adjustments.

Sales Screen
Sales Screen

  • You receive your revenue across countries, products, customers, vendors, or interactively navigate through different selections. In addition, key figures, such as margin, average order size and top 5 customers and products in terms of sales, are integrated. Annual comparisons and trends of the development of your sales numbers are also shown.

  • The template provides the ability to perform data analysis on multiple clients from Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV. It is possible to evaluate data across several companies. With just one click, you can limit the selection to individual clients and switch between them.

  • With the possibility of adjusting your data it is possible to evaluate additional data, consult other data sources or add data fields from Microsoft Dynamics. The data updates automaticly.

  • The template can be expanded at any time. You can do that on your own or with the support of NAVAX. So that you are flexible and can always create new evaluations.

  • With the "drill through" and "drill down" functions you can access general information or details. If necessary, you can also see details about your sales with just one click.
More success through the right reports and analyses.
    • Notice cross selling potential faster
    • Prioritize right to close more business deals
    • Use marketing budgets more efficiently
    • Notice pipeline-holes early and counteract
    • Analyses of all possible dimensions, up to specific products, sellers, customers, etc.

    Every company has collected an enormous amount of data about their customers. Through analytic CRM, all customer-data and information is gathered, put into meaningful context and analyzed according to selected aspects. These results are the basis of navigation and controlling of sales.

    Fields of application

    • Management reporting and corporation management
    • Controlling and navigation of sales
    • Controlling and navigation of marketing
    • Resource plan and project management

    What matters for customers is the result! And this is our specialisation. See for yourself which customers we successfully cosset.