Customer Relationship Management

Issue your employees with the right tools for long-term customer relationships.


Plan, track and analyze sales, marketing and service processes in order to establish customer relations, increase your turnover and improve your profitability. Various, enhanced CRM (eXtendend CRM=xRM) functions are at your disposal for all internal and external relations.

Solutions for business processes



Integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365 into documents!

  • Fast data connection - without programming

With dox42, you can quickly and easily integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into automated documents.

  • Combination of many data sources

Benefit from the ability to integrate multiple data sources into one document at the same time. Dox42 takes care of dependencies automatically. You can also mix data from different sources (database, web service, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, XML / JSON, SAP or Custom). How to use the full power of dox42.

  • Design of document templates in Microsoft Office

Once your data sources are configured in the MS Dynamics CRM Data Source Mask, you can easily create document templates using the dox42 Office add-ins in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. Of course, you can continue to use existing documents.

  • Generate the documents on the server or locally

When generating, dox42 executes the configured queries and automatically integrates the contents into your documents. You decide whether to use the same document template for generating on the dox42 server or directly from the dox42 add-ins.

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Professional document generation and processing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365!

Based on MS Word templates, DocumentsCorePack provides a set of tools to effectively create and edit documents. You will be guided through the process of complete document automation by a document generation wizard! DocumentsCorePack will make your business documents professional and help you process them efficiently!

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ClickDimensions closes the gap between sales and marketing.

ClickDimensions is the highest rated marketing solution on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. By providing email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, nurture marketing, social, form capture, surveys and more, ClickDimensions allows organizations to discover who are interested in their products, quantify that interest and take appropriate action to put.

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ClickDimensions Demo

Connect Bridge

The Connect Bridge simplifies and accelerates the transfer of access rights from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SharePoint. In addition to synchronizing the information of a security role, the sharing of individual records is also supported. This allows the user to both view the shared record in CRM and to access related documents on the SharePoint.

This integration is available for both CRM OnPremise and CRM online installations!

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Connecting Bridge Demo

Import Manager

Import Manager is a powerful tool from CRM Extensions that provides comprehensive data management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with unparalleled control and monitoring for importing, updating, deleting, and even converting data. It integrates seamlessly with MS CRM and can do a lot of things automatically. In addition to being able to manage sophisticated data import tasks in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Import Manager can also help you with your complex data reconciliation needs without the need for SQL skills. It allows easy field drag-and-drop mapping and the ability to transform your data on-the-fly using the new dynamic field functionality. In addition, it is now possible to delete unwanted data as part of the data transformation process. Import Manager Server client-server architecture also allows an Import Manager Server installation to connect to multiple CRM servers. These can be either local, hosted, or online servers, and include both older versions of CRM and the latest version of CRM. Therefore, it is possible to log in to the server module from a client and control the processes according to the permissions of each user.

Import Manager integrates with Excel, Access, SQL, ERP systems, text files, other CRM systems, and any ODBC-based system, and comes with an intuitive Office user interface so new users can use it immediately.

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Import Manager Demo

Managing calls & Dynamics 365 at the same time can be a challenge. For this we recommend a telephone integration module.

Features like "Caller ID" and "Click2Dial" make your daily work easier and make sure everything is properly tracked in Dynamics 365. Additional functions such as power dialing or chat integration complete the entire CTI solution.

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/data.mill is the most powerful and versatile platform for all aspects of data quality. With /data.mill, personal and company-related data are checked, corrected and enriched. Check the postal address and expand it with additional information when entering and processing your customers in Dynamics CRM/ Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Check e-mail addresses when collecting and processing your customers in Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. These features and many more provide better data quality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

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CRM products

Perfect for customer loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

With Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, business processes are optimally organized and automated to support customer satisfaction and retention in sales, marketing, and service. Productivity in sales is increased and the efficiency of marketing is improved.

Marketing Automation

With fully integrated CRM capabilities for newsletters and mailings creation and delivery, easy-to-integrate web forms and surveys, combined with web tracking, lead scoring and nurture marketing, you can help automate customized marketing campaigns.