Customer Relationship Management

Issue your employees with the right tools for long-term customer relationships.


Plan, track and analyze sales, marketing and service processes in order to establish customer relations, increase your turnover and improve your profitability. Various, enhanced CRM (eXtendend CRM=xRM) functions are at your disposal for all internal and external relations.

Solutions for business processes

CRM Products

Perfect for your customer relationship.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Streamline your customer-oriented processes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You obtain a full solution for marketing, sales and service. Raise the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales efforts, optimize marketing campaigns and increase your customers´ satisfaction and loyalty.
Benefit from a solution that is quickly implemented, flexibly adaptable and easy to maintain.

Microsoft Social Engagement

Microsoft Social Engagement helps with mood analysis in social networks, blogs and news sites to pull the findings were made and used. Microsoft supports 19 languages, covering a wide range of sources from, including Twitter, Facebook, videos, blogs and news sites.

What matters for customers is the result! And this is our specialisation. See for yourself which customers we successfully cosset.