Marketing goes online
Digitization the marketing processes
Marketing goes online

Marketing Automatisierung

A marketing automation solution includes essential marketing tools like email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, surveys, web forms and landing pages, social marketing and more to help our customers attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers.

How can you benefit from marketing automation?

You want to provide your existing customers with truly relevant content and simultaneously record and assign new prospects automatically. You are aware of the importance of personal contact and personal customer experience, but at the same time you want to save valuable time and costs.

Minimal effort. Maximum success rate.
With fully integrated CRM functions for creating and sending newsletters and mailings, web forms and surveys easily integrated into existing CMS systems, combined with web tracking, lead scoring (assigning a value to a potential customer to filter the most promising contacts) and Nurture Marketing (including Lead Qualification). ClickDimensions helps you to implement customized and personalized marketing campaigns automatically.

Achieve success not only to feel but to make measurable.

Use the time spent to create, maintain and evaluate your marketing activities and campaigns for the content and strategic orientation and optimize them continuously. All data collected are immediately and directly stored in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where they can be optimally processed and analyzed. Marketing automation does not mean you do not have to do anything, but it gives you time for the really important things you are measured.

Features and functions of ClickDimensions

Features and functions of ClickDimensions

What is ClickDimensions?
ClickDimensions is a certified software solution for email marketing and marketing automation that is seamlessly integrated into Dynamics CRM. You get all the functions you need to achieve a personal and direct customer relationship.

ClickDimensions supports the creation and automated execution of multilevel multi-channel marketing campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor. This functionality is thus excellently suited for a wide variety of campaigns, e.g. in event marketing, customer loyalty and more.

ClickDimensions helps you to quickly identify what sales opportunities you should pursue. Each lead is given an individual rating, based on page views, website visits and more. These ratings can be individually customized to assign different values to different pages.

With ClickDimensions, web forms (such as contact forms, registration forms, etc.) can be created quickly and easily via drag & drop, without any programming effort and embedded in web pages. All data submitted by submitting forms are automatically stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The integrated reporting functionality of ClickDimensions provides an overview of how successful marketing activities and campaigns are, by means of comprehensive statistics on e-mail campaigns, website visitors, web forms, and much more.

ClickDimensions helps you easily create surveys in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, send them to leads, contacts, or even the company that is deposited, or even link them to inquiries. If someone answers the survey, all data is linked to the appropriate CRM entry.

ClickDimensions shows you exactly what services and products are interesting for your potential customers - both from anonymous and identified visitors.

ClickDimensions uses its own technology to search publicly accessible information from social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr) for leads or contacts and stores them accordingly in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

ClickDimensions displays homepage activities (visits, pages views, etc.) from anonymous and identified prospects in real time and automatically stores the data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for targeted follow-up activities, reports and much more.

Through the seamless integration of GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbrite and Cvent, events, registrations and all participant information can automatically flow into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This means that you can always see which contacts or leads can log on or join without having to leave the CRM.

ClickDimensions enables SMS campaigns directly from CRM.

Power BI simplifies the calculation of campaign performance and your Return on Investment (ROI) by means of clear dashboards.

ClickDimensions allows you to create versatile landing pages tailored to your individual look and feel without any programming skills. All visitors are automatically tracked, forms and surveys can be created and embedded to easily create interactive campaigns.