A solution for all customer-oriented processes
Seamless integration with Office 365 possible
A solution for all customer-oriented processes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is the leading tool, in order to manage the customers data. It doesn't matter whether clients, patients or members in clubs - a software for everything from your CRM provider. Especially for marketing, sales, field service, project automation and service, nothing works today without the introduction of a CRM system that manages campaigns, maintains customer data and maps sales processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement supports mobile work on terminals such as tablets and smartphones. Get a general overview of a customer before an appointment, quickly create the visit report after a meeting or collect the customer request together with the customer on the tablet - all these are application cases where mobile access to customer data makes every day work easier. The seamless integration into all Office 365 systems such as Word, Excel, OneNote, Power BI and Outlook represents a significant added value in terms of usability.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales supports your co-workers to gain customer loyalty and reduces the complexity of the daily work. Their vendors receive real-time insight, guidance and powerful tools to make informed decisions, maintain close relationships, and increase overall sales performance.

Field Service

With a field service networked through Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, you can remotely discover, edit and troubleshoot problems so that your technicians only need to be deployed to the field when all other options have been exhausted.


Find and support leads by going further than just the basic e-mail marketing. Connect sales and marketing, automate processes and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing ROI. Transform sales opportunities to customer relationships.

Customer Service

Expectations are rising. Customers want fast and relevant answers on every channel, even on the move. Differentiate your brand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer service. The integrated logic provides faster, more personalized service and increases the value with every interaction.

Project Service Automation

Build trusted customer relationships by delivering outstanding project experience. Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation puts you in a position to deliver profitable projects on time and within budget, while increasing employee productivity.