The all-in-one enterprise
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The all-in-one enterprise

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Network your financial, sales, service and operating data and expand desired functions at any time through apps!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) is an all-in-one business administration solution that is easy to use and customize.
So you can better network your business and make smarter decisions. Based on the proven features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and expandable at any time for your business applications with other Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft Flow, Power BI and PowerApps.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution can grow with you as your business needs change. This flexibility already shows in the deployment options - choose the one that best suits your needs:
ON-PREMISE (on local servers), HOSTED or in the CLOUD (Saas).

The benefits of the SaaS model, software-as-service, are obvious: it is very fast-paced and is being automatically updated on a daily basis, so that new features and technologies are immediately available throughout the company.

An overview of your options

We are happy to give you an overview of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Save up to 30% on costs through SaaS

What does SaaS mean?
Your ERP is deployed, operated and provided with technical support in a data center. Networks, storage, databases, application servers, web servers, and disaster recovery and back-up services are fully covered. You no longer have to worry about operational services such as authentication, availability, identity management, production control, patch management, activity monitoring, and customization-you can easily get in and out with the client, without software installation. Business Central has the same code base as NAV and is extensible in the SaaS version exclusively via extensions. In the App Store you can always add new test as a favor and take over.
What are other benefits of SaaS?

  • The total cost of ownership is significantly lower. According to a study by McKinsey, the savings amount to about 30 percent.
  • The solution is much faster operational and the purchase of additional hardware is not necessary.
  • Updates and improvements are made continuously and automatically.
  • SQL Server and unlimited database size included

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central supports your organization ...

... in the financial administration
By intelligently linking data from all areas of your business, from accounting to sales, to customer interactions. From automated account reconciliation to reporting, your accounting and financial tasks are handled more quickly and accurately.
... by automating your supply chain
Built-in Power BI and Intelligence dashboards help optimize your inventory levels. Lead times and reorder points can be calculated automatically, helping them avoid inventory issues and knowing what needs to be refilled at all times.
... by optimizing your customer service
Not only do you track all customer interactions throughout the sales cycle, so you can respond more quickly to upselling or cross selling opportunities. Unwind sales and service queries through the integration conveniently directly from Outlook.
... through improved management of your customer projects
The creation, management, and tracking of customer projects are purposefully supported through timesheets and advanced job costing and reporting capabilities. Use real-time insight to create, modify, and control your budgets, track billing, and manage all associated resources.
... by simply optimizing your processes
With numerous integrated tools, you can control and optimize your most important processes - from forecasting to automatic order creation to calculating and optimizing your production capacity and improving your production schedules.
We would be pleased to advise you personally on these and other advantages - contact us!

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