Role Center

Every employee receives an efficient entry into the business solution for the role he plays in the company.


All functions are also available on your mobile devices (for iOS, Android and Windows). The touch-friendly interface can be adapted to your individual requirements.

Financial Management

This module contains all the functionalities required for setting up a client and posting in Financial Accounting. These include chart of accounts, accounting sheets, VAT facility, recurring accounting sheets and origin codes.

  • Functions for internal and external reporting
  • Workflows for document approvals in purchasing and sales
  • Booking and reporting in the base currency of the company
  • Cash Flow Management & Cost accounting in own company code

Project Management

Create a plan with multiple tasks and task groups for each project. For each task, any time period and a budget can be deposited. Copy a budget from one project to another. Set up project-related price lists for items, resources, and expenses for billing to the customer. View unfinished work and activation bookings for a project. Assign projects to a specific customer and invoice the project partially or completely. In the project window, you will see all the tasks as well as a presentation of the costs and billing for your projects.

Business Intelligence

Analyze your business data directly in your application - in real time! Modern diagram parts with "drill-through" functions or simple text information are available. With your own tile views, you always have an overview of your (also personal) business processes. Critical changes can be highlighted.

In App Designer

You can make and save adjustments directly within your web application, so these adjustments are also available to your colleagues. You can eg. show or hide fields, rename or position fields in another area.

Outlook Integration

Start your business application directly in Outlook. This will give you first information about the contact (automatically selected via the eMail address). Create receipts as well as offers or invoices. You can also jump directly to the specified document number.

Edit in Microsoft Excel

Upload your business data directly into Microsoft Excel. There they can be changed and written back to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

App Source

For your business application, an App Store is available for any additional features. You can also test the solutions directly in your solution (and data) in advance.

More about App Source