Microsoft Dynamics 365

The perfect symbiosis of ERP and CRM in the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

Best of both worlds.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings the best of CRM and ERP offerings. Functionality of both solutions merge and form in perfect symbiosis an integrated cloud service.

From sales through production to financial accounting. With special business apps - tailored to different user roles, sectors and areas - you cover all the key processes of your company. Packed with useful applications that integrate big data processing, advanced analysis capabilities, and IoT ("Internet of Things") processes.

It´s in your hands. Increase your company's productivity by providing your employees with a sophisticated and streamlined process workflow, with exactly the tools you need for your specific tasks.

Your advantage? Individuality - but from a single mold.
The core element is a common data model and a comprehensive application platform. This does not only ensure the optimal integration of the individual apps, but also allows easy expansion according to the modular system.

You start with the building blocks that you currently need and create, adapt and expand at will - in real-time and without the need to rely on the help of your IT at every step.

Get new directions with your business model - anytime, anywhere.