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Who works as close to the customer as we do, learns a lot. The continuous deal with experts from the industry provides us with daily input in our own product development. We react flexibly to the requirements resulting from the daily work with the software sold by us, and solve challenges that arise here.


NCCA Cost Accounting adds a cost accounting module to Dynamics 365 Business Central that has its own data model, which supports up to 8 dimensions.


NCP Payments consists of 2 modules and extends Dynamics 365 Business Central with the capability to create payment files for submitting to your bank (SEPA and non-SEPA) and to import from your bank (camt.052, camt.053, camt.054).


Improve the data quality of your debitors, creditors, contacts and employees with NCDV Contact Data Verifier. The module's correction and verification functions make it easier and faster to enter data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


NCCR Cash Register extends the Dynamics 365 Business Central processes to meet legal national requirements for the fiscalization of POS systems by using a service developed by fiskaltrust.


NCB Balance extends Dynamics 365 Business Central with the ability to create balance sheets as well as income statements according to the Accounting Act.

NC Cube

Take advantage of Business Intelligence

Fully integrated analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NC E-Invoicing

Get your money faster thanks to an innovative accounting system

Thanks to the NC E-Invoicing tool you can send out your invoices directly through your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution in PDF format.

NC G/L Adjustment

Get a better overview of your expenses

Manage open items directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

NC Document Pool

Templates without any extra programming

Would you like to use comprehensive and clearly arranged templates that are not only part of the standard, but also include all information that your customers require? With the NC Document Pool you receive all important documents like offers, invoices or delivery notes with a finished layout as part of a package for a fixed price.

QlikView Connector für Microsoft Dynamics NAV

One unique interface for various back-end systems

NC Business Data Service is a data service which is used as data source by various business scenarios in order to connect to multiple back-end systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

NC Tax

Get back the input VAT!

Save time and integrate your tax refund into your system.

Hichert Success

For better, faster and more comprehensible reports!

Evaluation is one of the most important parts of business. If these analyses have a good design, they can they be understood better and faster. The add-on for QlikView by HighCoordination standardizes a company's information design.

Analytisches CRM

More success through the right reports and analyses

Every company has collected an enormous amount of data. Through analytic CRM, all customer-data and information is put into meaningful context and analyzed according to selected aspects. These results are the basis of navigation and controlling of sales.

Connector für Microsoft Dynamics NAV und Microsoft Business Intelligence

Optimal integration of your NAV data in the Microsoft BI World

With the connector data transfer from Microsoft Dynamics NAV is simple, efficient and exceptionally fast. The results can be displayed with different frontend programs from Microsoft. The result: detailed evaluations of your corporate data with less effort for setting up and more time analyzing.

NC Portal

Integrate thousands of users in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Thanks to the development of BDS web frameworks NC Portal connects thousands of users to the Microsoft Dynamics solution. This helps especially companies with many external partners and employees, a large number of customers, many small stores or many field staff.

What matters for customers is the result! And this is our specialisation. See for yourself which customers we successfully cosset.