For individual, variant or process production

Develop and cost-efficiently produce innovative and high quality products and streamline the efficiency of your supply chain. Achieve your goals with software solutions for the manufacturing and construction industries.

Industry know-how

What's in it for you?

Simplify your processes.
Your processes are claearly defined and easy to understand.
Your employees are supported in their everyday work.
Get more control over your processes.
Your daily work is sustainably releived thereby you archieve greater efficiency.

The functions of an ERP solution for individual, variant or process production

  • Comfortable master data management
  • Precise procurement planning for purchasing and manufacturing parts
  • Exact information on possible missing parts before start of order
  • Detailed planning of the operations, using graphical planning board  -> PlannerOne
  • Progress and cost transparency
  • Material and capacity costs in WIP (=WorkInProgress) and as post calculation
  • Traceability of all belonging to a sales order documents 
  • Reliable processing production accompanying tests
  • Earliest delivery to customers, taking into account the parts availability and capacity

Less need for explanation , more knowledge

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